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RCC (Relay Conference Captioning)

Individuals who are living with hearing loss can use RCC to communicate effectively during conference calls.

The free service, offered exclusively from Maryland Relay to Maryland residents, businesses, and organizations, provides real-time captioning of what all participants are saying during conference calls—allowing the user to read the text on an internet-connected device.

How RCC Works:

No special software is required to use RCC; however, users must have access to a conference bridge or high-quality audio (telephone, webcast, VoIP) so that the captionist—who types everything that is said during the conference call—can listen.

  • To guarantee RCC, an individual must submit the RCC Scheduling Request Form 24 hours in advance of the call

  • The RCC user receives an email with a link to view captions on their computer or mobile device

  • The captionist accesses the audio portion of the call through a conference call bridge or other method

  • Once the call is connected, the captionist listens and produces real-time streaming text which shows up just seconds after someone has spoken
RCC Virtual Meeting

About Maryland Relay

Administered by Telecommunications Access of Maryland, Maryland Relay is a free public service that enables people who are unable to use a standard telephone to make and receive calls—including those who are Deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, DeafBlind or have difficulty speaking.

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